Audio Branding

We desing the sound of your brand

We create emotional connection through sound design

We’re audio branding experts. We help you create how your brand sounds like and how you want your audience to feel. From audio logos to retail music programs, we design what your customers hear. Because nothing resonates with people’s emotions like sound.

Audio Identity Development
Audio Branding Strategy
Retail Music & Messaging
Brand Voice Design

Make your brand recognizable with closed eyes.

We are the first Audio Branding studio in the Latin America region with a strategy-driven approach, turning into a congruent acoustic experience across all touch-points.
We are strategists, we achieve innovative sound concepts and we design unique sonic experiences based on every aspect of your brand’s personality. We create experiences that foster a deeper connection to your brand.

Audio Branding Services we deliver

Audio Branding
Strategy & Sonic Concept
Sonic Production
Audio Testing & Research

Sound Post Production
Immersive Sound Design
Voice-over recording
Different Languages

Some of our Recent Work

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