After months of research, planning, and thinking, we share our work on Branding for the International University of the Americas (UIA).

A positive turn in the image of the University, which encourages them to continue detonating the change in society beyond their classrooms.

Universidad Internacional de las Américas



Content Strategy
Video Production
Brand Awareness
Digital Ads
Print/OOH Advertising
Brochures & Collateral
Point of Purchase Materials
Sales Promotions

The Challenge

We look for something new, with movement, fluidity and the crossing of styles, because ultimately, if we wanted to be part of the change, we could not see ourselves like the rest.

Applied Methos

The geometrical forms support the structure and the importance of the solid trajectory of the UIA, while at the same time generating a visual game between the break of forms and the convergence and fusion of elements.

Our Client thoughts

It’s hard to make up the decision upon changing a logo and identity that has been successfully in the market for more than 20 years. But after working and collaborating with The Wave on our proposal, we had no doubt this was the only way to go. Results have been more than what we expected. It’s great to work with such a passionate team.

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