The Difference between Logo and Identity

The word logo itself comes from ancient Greek, namely Logos, which means mind, mind, word, intellect, and speech. The word logo is taken from the word logotype, which was used initially from 1810 to 1840. It has the meaning of writing the name of an entity that is specially formed by utilizing a lettering technique or using specific attractive fonts.

So, at first, this logotype was created using only a written element. In development, logos are made even more creatively by combining several components, such as images, sketches, among multiple parts.

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that the notion of a logo is an article, sketch, or image that has a specific meaning and can represent an entity’s identity, such as an institution, organization, company, region, country, or product. Usually, a logo contains a particular philosophy and a basic framework in the form of a concept aiming to create an independent character. Besides, each logo form must also have specific characteristics to distinguish one logo from another, both in shape and color. A logo will describe the quality as symbolized, such as the approach to corporate culture, placing an important position, or the company’s aspirations itself. Then how it differs from identity when a logo is not brand identity?

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is a collection of all the elements that a company creates to describe its consumers’ right image.
Most people already know the term brand, but what about brand identity? Many professionals still think that brand identity is related to a company logo or product logo. Brand identity has a more important role than that. The existence of a brand identity can shape consumer perceptions to be interested in the products you sell. You may have heard about the brand. Brand identity is all kinds of elements in a brand itself and build it into a big brand. Some of them convey the character and value of a product to make it better known by consumers. This product introduction can be through colors, images, symbols, typography, sounds, even smells. That is why brand identity is often known as a company logo, but identity can shape the fundamental value of a brand in further context.

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