How to build strong brands aligned with a marketing strategy (updated 2020)

The reproduction cost of your products could also be easy to calculate, but your consumers’ perceptions are what really determine the worth your brand and products have within the marketplace.

Because of this, your ability to create value into your brand and communicate that value to customers through your marketing is important to the future success of your company.

The benefits of building an honest brand

Brand equity is that the perception customers have of your products and services supported what they consider your brand. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all considered to possess high brand equity.

It’s difficult to assign a price to a brand, but regardless of how intangible brand equity could seem , a robust brand reaps considerable business benefits from:

  • Awareness
  • Credibility
  • Reputation
  • Customer satisfaction

Those benefits function tools to marketers within the effort to draw in that mindful consumer who wants to shop for from a brand high in value.

The mindful consumer

In his TED talk, ‘The post-crisis consumer’, John Gerzema asserts that buyers are not any longer in retreat (as they were during the economic crisis), but became what he refers to as mindful consumers.

The mindful consumer is willing to shop for but craves value. Within the look for value, they consider factors like:

Research. Sixty-seven percent of the buyer’s journey is completed digitally meaning the mindful consumer wants and features a lot of data on their side about which companies have what they need.
Social proof. Having an excellent product isn’t enough. The mindful consumer looks to online reviews, peer recommendations, and social media profiles for evidence of a popular product.
Identity and preference. Customers are mindful of a relationship between their purchase decisions and their identity. they’re looking to form a sale decision that suits their personal brand.

These factors all play a neighborhood during a purchase decision and everyone is about quite just a product item. At the core of their search, customers are looking to make a bond with a brand they perceive as high in value.

7 ways to speak brand value

If ‘brands are created within the mind,’ it’s vital to know the way to market your company to positively so on affect the perception leads and customers have of your brand.

1. Work from the within out
‘The world is filled with boring stuff – brown cows – which is why so few people concentrate,’ Seth Godin writes. ‘Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service.’

To be perceived as valuable, your brand has got to stand out from the herd -be a purple cow. a robust brand is about superlatives: the simplest customer service, most innovative, the happiest employees.

If you would like to create a robust brand, marketing can’t be limited to at least one department. All areas need to demonstrate value to the customer. The customer experience is the foundation from which you build the remainder of your marketing strategy to strengthen your brand.

2. Target your brand message
‘You need to find a gaggle who really desperately cares about what you’ve got to mention ,’ consistent with Seth Godin in his TED talk the way to get your ideas to spread. Godin asserts that building value means finding the gang that might find your brand and products valuable within the first place, instead of just casting a good net. This means:

  • Find the marketing channels your ideal audience is on
  • Tailor your brand message thereto marketing channel

3. Use a uniform tone of voice (ToV)
‘Brand consistency’ is so important that it’s become an outlined phrase within the world of selling . The more often your organization’s personality is presented to potential customers, the more likely they’re to recollect you. Ensuring that your output shares an equivalent language, tone and opinions removes any confusion, allowing your audience to make easy associations together with your content.

A formalized set of ToV guidelines will provide the scaffolding within which all future content is often created, aligning every blog, social post, and email to ensure that you’re speaking with one voice.

4. Maintain high standards for design
Design is communication. How you employ color, shapes, and font or organize elements on an internet site page, email campaign, or maybe a product package will dictate whether or not your brand is perceived as valuable.

How you package your brand affects how your brand is perceived and interpreted. A ‘strong visual branding system’ can make a little company seem more powerful or demonstrate an outsized company’s strength. Bad design has an adverse effect – just watch this insightful spoof:

5. Give your brand meaning
In the same way beauty is within the eye of the beholder, all value is perceived value. to offer aiming to your brand:

Make it a standing symbol. In Rory Sutherland’s TED talk, he tells the story of a king who, to stop famine, decreed the potato a royal crop and put guards around the fields to form the previously rejected vegetable desirable. The king changed the perception of the crop’s worth, not the crop itself. He advises that ‘anything worth guarding must be worth stealing.’ you’ll not be ready to decree your products or brand a ‘royal crop,’ but you’ll strive to make an equivalent quite perception of your product.
Make it symbolic. within the same talk, Sutherland notes that in a war, the rich in Prussia were encouraged to offer their jewelry to support the war effort. The pieces were replaced with replicas made out of forged iron . Though they carried decidedly less intrinsic value, the pieces came to possess great symbolic value to the people of Prussia due to the sacrifice they represented and have become desirable during that point period. a contemporary example would be TOMS shoes. Their business model, built on the symbolic value of a TOMs purchase, enabled them to grow into a world brand with several product lines.
Connect to emotions. ‘Emotional preference is important: while services could also be similar, that emotional connection can create the perception that the “connected” brand exceeds customer expectations’, says Nielsen’s VP. It means presenting a product, regardless of its function, in an empathetic way. Google Chrome achieved this in its Dear Sophie ad. Email may be a straightforward product. However, Google used the message to attach with customers on an emotional level.

6. Provide thought leadership and valuable information in your content
Content may be a prime thanks to communicate your brand’s value and continuously increase its strength. Content can demonstrate thought leadership to your audience, helping to create trust, also as delight customers into becoming loyal brand advocates.

Content that adds value to your brand must be about quality for your audience, not quantity for your company. So, how does one keep your content focused on adding value for the customer?

Buyer personas. These semi-fictional profiles representing your ideal buyers should include details of your customers’ interests, concerns, pain points and other details to guide the creation of content.
Buyer stories. Again, to make brand equity, the buyers need to realize the worth . So content can’t correlate to your marketing goals. It must correspond to the content leads and customers are trying to find .
Plain language. The language you employ within the room isn’t appropriate for content if you expect to feature value to the customer . The writing in your content must cater to the audience to whom you’re speaking.

7. Build loyalty
Tailored content is that the start of an extended term relationship. If you continually produce content that interests leads and customers, you’ll keep them returning to your brand and build loyalty.

Content on social media may be a thanks to delight customers and put them back to the sales funnel for future purchases. Learn what channels your customers are on and therefore the sort of content they need to ascertain then put consistent, tailored content on those channels.

Map email campaigns consistent with what products customers have an interest in or where they’re within the sales funnel. The more tailored and personalized the content, the greater the worth of the e-mail to the customer.
Customers are your best allies when it involves strengthening a brand. during a connected world where perception determines your brand’s value, having customers on your side gets you the recommendations, reviews, and social proof you would like .

Strengthen your brand and evolve your marketing strategy

In the end, brand value comes right down to distinction: your ability to line your brand apart within the industry. you’ve got to be ready to tell a far better story and it’s to be consistent across all marketing channels to stay strong. to seek out out more about the way to take an excellent brand and obtain people talking about it, inspect this massive brand awareness guide by Typeform.

Once you’ve built value into your brand from the merchandise to the campaigns, it’s important to know where your brand falls on the worth scale and to repeatedly adapt your marketing strategy to suit.

Everyone within the company is liable for developing a robust brand. However, it’s your responsibility as a marketer to speak that value to the mindful consumer who goes in search of a robust , high-value brand they need to be a neighborhood of.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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