How to get your website rank higher in Google search in 2021 – Basic Concepts

Google is one of the most widely used search engines across the globe. For those who are in the business of trying to catch the attention of traffic on their content, they want their content to rank first in Google. But doing that in such amount of work present looks unreal but 5 tips will help you to get the most out of it. Open organic click rate have a significant change from the top-ranking content on Google as compared to other content in the last.

  • Focus keywords

The more your content is enriched with the related and top trending keywords on Google, the more is the higher chance of your content ranking first in Google. You should know basic knowledge about primary and Latex Semantic Indexing. To get the appropriate keywords for your content you can use different platforms available on Google like answer the public and ubersuggest etc. This is the fundamental tip you should adopt otherwise your content will not get ranked.

  • Let Google know about your keywords

Now, this looks strange, how can we tell google about our keywords. Google works by searching websites, it stores the millions of webs in an index and then performs the search to give the required result. Your keywords should not be complex or written everywhere that it makes no sense. Use them in such a way that makes it easy for Google to scan and upload your website when someone is looking for your content.

  • Meta description

It is the blurb that is shown by Google under the title. In addition to telling Google what is this website, it also allows users to get to know what is present in the website. It can be said that is the main idea of the content.

  • URL

URL consists of a domain name followed by a slash and by text which is separated by dashes. By including keywords in the URL, it will help Google to catch your content more easily and it will show your content first on the search engine.

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