Eco-Friendly Packaging: People Are Being More and More Eco-Conscious

We are producing waste at an alarmingly high rate. Every year billions of tons of waste end up in landfills across the globe and people are now becoming more and more conscious about the environment, trying to eat sustainable foods and reduce their wastage production.
People who are conscious enough to reuse even the grocery bag are definitely concerned about product packaging when shopping online.

Resultantly, more and more customers are demanding eco-friendly packaging options. Companies do have to keep this thing in mind and adapt materials as well as methods that have the least negative effect on the planet.

For businesses, there’s a big question about adopting eco-friendly practices and materials and that is: Is it worth it? Some might answer that with a no as it is very expensive and time-consuming and needs revamping of the whole system at a whole new level but there are some clear benefits. The biggest one being a reduction in the carbon footprint and winning the trust of customers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Brand Image

According to a recent survey conducted by Tandberg, above 50% of global customers said that they prefer to buy things from a seller having a strong environmental concern.
It means that if a business has a reputation of acting responsibly to reduce its negative impact on the planet and is using eco-friendly packaging options it has great chances of getting a large number of customers.
A study by Unilever has pointed out that as much as 21% of the customers from all over the world tend to actively choose the brands that make their sustainability measures public and have clear indications about their eco-friendliness on their marketing and packaging. It all translates to one thing – the future is in being eco-friendly in processes, products, and even the packaging.
Adding all of that up, the brands that establish a good image with respect to their environmental responsibility are more likely to have loyal customers.

Customer Interest

As awareness about the environmental issues is becoming more and more clear, the number of people concerned about their own carbon footprint is increasing. People are trying to reduce their personal negative impact on the planet and it means that more people are looking for brands and companies that adopt environmentally friendly practices.

To win the confidence of consumers and to increase the number of loyal customers it is becoming more important than ever to be eco-friendly on all levels from production and sourcing to delivery and packaging.

Cost-Benefit analysis

You might think that adopting an eco-friendly set up is costly. While it might be costly at first but the benefit you get from loyal customers and increased sales outdo the costs of adopting and maintaining eco-friendly processes, products and packaging.

Government Policies

Eco-friendliness is not just a trend. Some governments are already making and imposing eco-friendly policies and others will follow suit soon enough. Shifting to better environmental practices is the key to remaining on the top in the future.

The Bottom Line

Even though we are primarily a branding company, we can help you source and use eco-friendly packaging. We can provide green and recyclable packaging as well as some really innovative approaches to packaging that are more environmentally friendly.

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