Audio Logos: Why you need one in 2020

Branding is a science that extends well beyond what the eye can see. The importance of strong visuals in establishing a brand’s identity cannot be overstated but using sound to convey what your brand feels like is also equally important. Audio logos are the notes of music that introduce a brand on the acoustic level. The purpose of these notes is to trigger the memory of the said brand and act as a bridge between science and creativity used to express a brand.

In short, an audio logo complements the visual logo of a brand and together they create a powerful impression. Ideally, an audio logo is a sound clip with a length of less than five seconds, and it can be music, a name, a saying, a slogan, or any other sound linked to the brand it represents.

If you need to actually grab the full attention of your target audience, you need to work on as many sensory aspects of the body as possible. It is not an efficient way of branding to make something that just concerns the eyes. You need to be heard too.  A recent study has revealed that people are three times more likely to remember the brands that have a sound coupled to their logo than the mute ones.

Audio logos help brands connect to their customers on a deeper level by taking advantage of the most innate sense which reinforces the connection with the brand. Sound is known to add emotional appeal and gives the brand a competitive advantage over the rivals who have not created an audio logo.

What Makes A Good Audio Logo?

First and foremost, keep it short. Three to five seconds is the ideal length for an effective audio logo as it leverages even the shortest of the attention spans.

Your audio logo needs to be unique and easily memorable. While remaining short and easy, try to make a logo that sticks and grabs the attention of the listener. Starting with a palette cleanser is a good practice as it foreshadows the notes to follow.

Keep your audio logo as simple as possible. Do not try to insert all the info into those three seconds. Minimalistic logos are the ones most likely to be retained and remembered. A good example of a minimalistic yet effective logo is that of HBO.

The last thing you need to do with your audio logo is to integrate it with all your mediums of communication. If you need an audio logo to be effective, it needs to be a part of your brand and must be played at all the locations where your visual logo is presented.

Why Do You Need an Audio Logo in 2020?

As the science of marketing and branding is advancing, people are taking advantage of every last thing they can to grab attention and stick in people’s minds. The world is changing at a fast pace and you need to keep up with your competitors. An audio logo will make your brand more attractive and appealing for your prospective customers and will also give you an edge over your competitors.

Can you recognize any of these? 

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