When to Hire a Nearshore Animation Company

Not all the work a company needs to do to operate smoothly can be done in-house. There are different things that need to be outsourced in order to get optimal results. When you are going to outsource work, you can either hand it over to other states in your country or abroad. One of the most important factors in outsourcing the work to an abroad firm is that you get a better price but if you outsource work to a company far away, in a different time-zone, you are in for a lot of inconveniences.

The solution is to outsource work to a nearshore company. Nearshore companies are located near your native company. Such companies are often in a region that shares your time zone, shares some cultural aspects, and understands the language you speak. For America, the example of a nearshore country is Costa Rica. If you outsource some work to Costa Rica, you can get better prices while avoiding the complications of differing time zones, language,s and cultural backgrounds.

When Do You Need A Nearshore Company For Outsourcing Animation Work?

Using software and YouTube tutorials you can make entry-level animations on your own pc but that won’t help when you need to get an animation made for a commercial purpose. When it comes to making animations for your business, either you need to hire an in-house expert and equip them with the needed hardware and software resources to make animations for you or you need to outsource the work.

For small businesses and startups, it is an efficient approach to just outsource the work to an animation company instead of doing it in-house. You need to hire a nearshore animation company when you need to get animations made for your business.

A new business would probably need the services of a nearshore animation company at the very start. Animations are important to express what a company promises to deliver and what a proposed product would look like in real life. Making animations is a pro’s job and you’ll need their services as soon as you need an animation made.

Benefits of hiring a nearshore company

If you outsource your animation work to a nearshore company, such as one situated in Costa Rica, (if you are US-based) you can get the following benefits from it.

  •   They are cost-effective; you’ll have to pay a fraction of what an American Company would cost
  •   You’ll get better results than by spending the same amount on in-house animation production
  •   Nearshore companies have the same time zone hence you don’t need to face any hassle
  •   Nearshore countries often understand your native language, making communication easier
  •   Nearshore countries have more or less the same work ethics and cultural norms so you can work comfortably with them

We are a branding studio based in Costa Rica. We’ve been in the branding, animation, sound production, and art direction field for more than 15 years and have served a number of American companies to perfection. You can always count on us for all your branding/animation needs.

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