Color Selection for new Branding Purposes

The brands you see every day have a whole range of different theme colors in them and those colors are not assigned to them just because they look pretty or seem cool. A lot of well-thought-of planning and art go into giving brands their colors. These colors need to be compliant with the motto of the company they represent. It is totally true that the size, shape, font, and style of writing, and the actual message in a logo are all very important aspects of any brand’s appearance but the single most important thing in branding is the color scheme and it must be picked very carefully.

The colors of a brand have far-reaching effects on the subconscious brain of a person and give them a feeling about the brand without them even knowing it. A recent study has shown that 85% of the consumers regard color scheme to be the single biggest motivator when selecting a particular brand and 92% of the consumers agree that appearance is the biggest aspect of marketing. That’s how important selecting the right colors is when it comes to branding

It’s been said enough times that first impression counts. This is particularly true when talking about the color scheme a brand adopts as the prospective customer sees it even before they see the actual service or product. Colors don’t only convey information but are also a factor in manipulating emotions and feelings. Putting it in simpler words, colors are the most important factor in deciding whether or not a consumer will engage with your brand.

Different colors have different meanings depending on the society and geographical location you are trying to operate in. Here’s a general idea of what mainstream colors normally portray.

  • Red stands for excitement, danger, and energy. It is also a symbol of passion and love.
  • Pink is thought to be a feminine color that is romantic and sentimental. Some shades of it, like hot pink, can portray youthfulness and boldness.
  • Orange is full of vitality. It is associated with being creative and adventurous.
  • Yellow is a playful and happy color that stands for optimism
  • Green, the natural color, is used to convey the idea of sustainability, wealth, and prestige.
  • Blue is regarded to be a color that is trustworthy and reliable. It is calming and soothing.
  • Purple is majesty and royalty. It is thought to be mysterious and spiritual.
  • White is a color that sends the message of minimalistic simplicity and truthful grandeur.
  • Black, often regarded as the color of sorrow and depression, also means sophisticated elegance, luxury, formality, and executive feel.



Colors are, without any doubt, the most important aspect of branding. Color is a thing that conveys a subconscious message to the onlooker’s mind before they even interact with a brand. A careful selection of colors for a brand can mean a great deal in the success of a brand and its marketing and publicity campaigns. The general meaning conveyed by various colors is detailed in the text above but colors can mean different things in different places and societies.

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