9 Tips for Running a Successful Performance Marketing Campaign

Understanding Performance Marketing

Basically running performance marketing looks similar to any other marketing campaign. During the campaign, always monitor your performance marketing performance by analyzing data, tracking traffic and sales to make the necessary changes, building your brand and developing ROI. However, for the results to be effective, pay attention to these tips when designing the following performance marketing.

  1. Knowing Pay per sale.

When the advertiser only pays the publisher when a sale is successfully generated after the user has completed the transaction.

  1. Knowing Pay per lead.

When the publisher will only get a commission when the user takes certain actions the advertiser wants, such as registering, filling out forms, and others.

  1. Get to know Pay per click

Advertisers will only pay the affiliate or publisher for each click to a specific page that the advertiser wants to redirect.

  1. Pay per ‘X’

In this payment model, X represents any action the advertiser defines beyond leads, sales and clicks. For example, download, install and others.

  1. Set clear and actionable goals

Make sure to start performance marketing by setting clear and actionable goals. What do you really want to achieve in each campaign. For example, if your performance marketing goal is to increase sales, set a target income that you would like to achieve, say 5 million for total revenue. If the goal is to bring traffic to the website, determine how many unique visitor targets you want, such as 1000 unique visitors.

  1. Pay attention to the landing page used

In performance marketing, a bad landing page can prevent visitors from making the conversion you want. In addition, partners who work with you will also be hampered from promoting your products and brands.

  1. Perform A / B testing and optimize KPIs that increase revenue

Carrying out testing and measurement is very important to make sure your marketing strategy works well. Try out different techniques to optimize conversions, CTR, or traffic by A / B testing to see what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Select a traffic source

In performance marketing, it’s very important to make sure your traffic comes from a trusted source. When less trusted sources advertise you, consumers will think twice about trusting you as a brand and will hesitate to make purchases or visit your website.

  1. Monitor, Measure, Learn, Repeat

That’s all the 9 tips to do performance marketing. For further tips, you may need to do more research before you apply this marketing.

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