Stand out from the crowd: The less explored marketing and one of the most effective – Audio branding

Branding and marketing are evolving every day. The techniques of marketing that used to be successful in the recent past have now been changed and the ones now prevalent will be changed in the near future. One form of marketing, that’s relatively unknown so far is audio branding. Audio branding is the practice of actively using sound to amplify the impact of the visual representation of your brand. Audio branding is the future of marketing and the sooner you decide to adopt it, the better it is for your brand.

Here are some of the benefits of Audio Branding.

  1. A memorable and distinctive Brand Identity

    Audio branding is the acoustic equivalent of a brand’s logo and compliments the brand name. If you start playing your audio logo with your brand name in an advertisement, marketing and awareness campaigns, a time will come when the notes of your audio logo will become an integral part of your brand’s identity and people will remember your brand just by listening or even overhearing your audio logo.

  2. A way to amplify the presence of your brand

    If you don’t have an audio logo linked to your brand, you are only targeting one sensory system of your customers, the sense of sight. By making an audio logo and linking it to all levels of your brand you can target the sense of hearing too. Once you make an audio logo, it becomes a part of your identity and is played everywhere from your TV commercials to your call waiting and even your showrooms. Combined, the visual and audio logos will highly improve the impact your brand makes.

  3. Improve your customer’s mood

    If you play the right type of music at your store or at the background of your e-commerce website, it has a positive impact on the mood of customers. It eases their minds and leads to them making larger purchases. Author and Keynote speaker, Roger Dooley, has found out in a study that playing light and slow tempo music at retail outlets increases sales by up to 10%. You can make your own proprietary music to be played at your retail location to improve the mood of your customers, increasing your sales.

  4. Make casual visitors your customers

    According to research by Vijaykumar Krishnan, the number of notes that make up an audio logo can have an impact on a customer’s willingness to pay. The study found out that six notes had the best impact unlike three or nine. The effects are attributed to the difference in processing fluency.

You cannot just use any piece of music as your audio logo or for other commercial purposes related to your brand. You’ll have to get the music custom-made for yourself in order for it to be legally usable for the purpose you need to put it to.

Final Thought:

We are a branding studio based in Costa Rica and operating in China, America, Colombia, and the Philippines. You can count on us for all your branding and animation-related needs. Our skilled and experienced team has been working in this niche for 15 years and we’ve made a large number of loyal clients over all those years.

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