How To Create A Visual Identity For Your Business

What is visual branding?

Visual branding is very important because the first thing your consumers see is the visual appearance, color, texture, and thickness. So, it’s really important for us to learn about visual branding. Visual identity will shape your company’s values ​​too! How come? The value of a brand can be seen from the colors and other elements as well as the meaning of the brand of your business company. You also need visual consistency to spread the vibe of your brand. Remember, whatever we want to convey has to be consistent, guys, don’t let us be inconsistent in spreading the vibe of our brand. Later, it will be said that it is no longer clear what our brand wants.

Choosing a Visual Brand Element

Choosing a visual element for a brand is like choosing what style of clothes we will wear every day, so you can’t make the wrong choice, guys. If we go to the invitation we keep wearing our swimsuits, so we will be judged visually! So, now which brand do we want to choose? stand out but are judged or play safe but don’t stand out? Let’s discuss all the elements one by one.


The most important thing in visual identity is the logo because it could be the first image that would represent your brand value. It is to help customers or audiences to know your business easier. That is why companies usually do their best to have an iconic logo. To make their best, they will pay thousands of dollars to get their best logo. How can you make your value seen best in one simple logo? Hire the best designer to get your best logo.


The next thing to choose is font. The typography such as font and font size will help your brand to strengthen its identity. It will give a better result when you use the font consistently. The font will be able to convert your value in any kind of media along with the logo.


Color choice is another key factor in visual identity. Color has a strong psychological influence on customers and audiences to remember your brand. Always remember about your brand value. Get the strong color that could represent best your value along with the font and logo. Once those elements are combined perfectly, your visual identity is perfect too. The visual identity should be the initial weapon from the company to start their campaign.

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